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Terms and Conditions


  • Departure times may be changed or amended without prior notice due to weather conditions, or unforeseen mechanical issues.

  • It is the responsibility of the passengers to verify and confirm the departure times prior to their proposed travel.

  • It is the responsibility of the passengers to verify if their citizenship allows them to visit Saint-Barth (Make sure you don't need a visa! - NO visa needed for citizens of the European Union, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Israel).

  • It is mandatory for all passengers, including French nationals, to have a valid passport.

  • You can change the booking (the date or the departure time) by writing to us 24 hours before the scheduled date of your trip, at no extra charge.

  • Tickets - once purchased - are NOT refundable.

  • GREAT BAY EXPRESS cannot be held responsible for ship cancellation or changes in schedules, ticket prices or delays for any reason whatsoever.

  • It is not a responsibility of GREAT BAY EXPRESS to perform or engage in a substitution in case of cancellation or delays of the trip. No-fault will be accepted by GREAT BAY EXPRESS.


 Important Notice:


  • Term & Condition Agreement Must Be Agreed To Before The Ticket & Reservation Process Will Begin   

  • Price Advertised is the total price which includes all Tax and Port Fee        

Sales Events

Tickets valid for 30 days from the purchase date.

No online purchases of Sales Event Tickets.

Sales Events Tickets  Can only be purchased at Great Bay Express Offices only.

Shuttle Service

  1. All Shuttle Services are $10 per transport.

  2. $10 is paid to the shuttle driver at the time of transport.

  3. Other Term & Conditions for regular $10 shuttle services

  4. Email Contact:  

  5. Shuttle arrangements are the responsibility of the passenger.

  6. The shuttle can be arranged with the driver at the point of pick up or drop off.

  7. Shuttle Transportation is $10 per passenger per transport unless otherwise indicated.

  8. Upon Arrival, at St Maarten Airport Please Visit The Airport Information Desk For Further Assistants

  Booking & Reservation On-Line Engine


   1. Infant ... 0 to 3 Years Old and Travel FREE 

   2. Child ...  4 Years Old to 12 Years Old Travel at Reduced Ticket Price          

   3. Non-Resident Adult - 13 Years Old and Up

   4. Resident Adult - Please Select Resident Adult

         a. Resident Must Provide Valid Picture ID at Check-In to Receive Resident Discount.

         b. Failure to Show Resident ID Will Result In Being Charged the Non-Resident Ticket Price

         c. Valid Picture ID For Resident Discount Must Be Issued From St Maarten, St. Martin, St Barthelemy ONLY

Day Trips

  • Day Trip is defined as same day depart and return to original departure point.

  • Day Trip Tickets are to be used within their defined use.

  • Abuse or Misuse of Day Trip Tickest as define could result but not limited to forfeiture of ticket and service.

  • Person who purchases a Day Trip Ticket but attempts to use the ticket on another day for return trip will either be denied passage or given the option to purchase a full price One Way non-resident ticket for the return.  

Pet Requirements 

  • Pet Passport

  • Health Certificate From Veterinarian

  • Chip ID With Registration Number

  • Chip ID Registration Number Must Be Documented On The Pet Passport & Health Certificate

VISA Requirements

  • It is the responsibility of the passengers to verify if their citizenship allows them to visit St Barthelemy. (St Barth)

  • Please visit your home countries French Consulate or visit the French National Consulate website Click Here for latest updates.

  • There will be no refund of monies to passengers who have not checked their VISA requirements and then are denied entry.

  •  NO visa needed for citizens of the European Union, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Israel

  • Valid Passport is required.

Telephone: 1-721-520-5015



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