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Latest St Barts COVID Entry Requirements

Updated November 27, 2021, St Barthelemy COVID Entry Criteria.

Attention !!! This route can be very busy - To guarantee your reservation we advise booking online in advance

General Public

Updated October 15, 2021

It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure that they meet all entry requirements

Fully Vaccinated Persons ---No Restriction

12 years of age and under --- No Restriction

Non-Vaccinated Persons 13 years of age and older must have either a:

Antigen Test less than 48 hours since administered.

Must present a PCR Test less than 72 hours since administered

Persons with Test Only Must Have a Motivated Reason to Enter St Barthelemy

  1. St Barthelemy resident returning home

  2. Person who is legally employed on St Barthelemy

  3. Medical Appointment with documentation



Updated November 27, 2021

For all passengers arriving from France - CDG, and ORY

Please Note the New Implemented COVID Entry Requirements for St Barthelemy

Person Arriving directly from France must be fully vaccinated

Must have a PCR Test or Antigen Test less than 48 hours since administered

None Vaccinated Person must have a PCR Test or Antigen Test less than 24 hours since administered along with Motivated Reason to Enter St Barth

  1. St Barthelemy Resident Returning Home with Proof of Residency Present During Check-In

  2. Work-Related with Work Papers Present on Person During Check-In

  3. Medical Appointment with Doctors Letter Present on Person During Check-In

None Vaccinated Persons will need to Fill Out and Sign the Self Quarantine Document Before Being Allowed to Enter St Barthelemy.



A Message From Great Bay Express 

Currently, the local French authorities are enforcing the above COVID criteria unfairly towards any non-French ferry operators. Even though we share an open and uncontrolled border on this small Caribbean island of St Maarten and St Martin.

This enforcement is to better give a competitive advantage to French operators by the use of COVID Mandates with the total disregard of any public safety.

Great Bay Express is locally owned and operated, employing local citizens both Dutch and French with high-paying jobs and opportunities.

Great Bay Express offers a far better ferry option than any French operator can and does in comparison to price, schedule, efficiency, and quality of service.

Great Bay Express travel time to St barth is less than 45 minutes at a lower price. Were in the French-Side ferry operator's travel time is 90 minutes and far more expensive and their schedule is unreliable.


Great Bay Express would like to Thank You for your continued support in these times that we find ourselves in.